3 new things in social media AI: Reddit's Discover, Meta's innovations, and China's regulations

1. Reddit rolls out AI-driven Discover tab

The news: Reddit rolled out a Discover tab on iOS and Android, which shows users an algorithm-driven feed of photos and videos from subcommunities (called subreddits) that users might be interested in.

Why it matters: The feature, which looks similar to Pinterest’s home feed or Instagram’s Explore page, helps update Reddit’s old-school look for modern smartphone apps—all while adding an AI-based content recommendation system to keep users scrolling.

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2. Meta reveals a menu of AI projects

The news: Meta offered a glimpse of various AI-related projects in a streamed “Inside the Lab'' event Wednesday. Insights included speech-driven VR world-building tools, real-time speech and translation, as well as a look into its AI supercomputer. 

The bigger picture: Meta needs to continue stoking the fires of the metaverse, and revealing some of the technological underpinnings of its platform can help stir up excitement, user adoption, and potential partnerships. 

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3. China clamps down on AI algorithms

The news: China is introducing new regulations to artificial intelligence and various core technologies that manage ride-hailing services, social media, and communication for over 1.4 billion people

Why this could succeed: Tighter scrutiny on algorithms against unfair or opportunistic activities could result in more equitable service for Chinese consumers. It could also curtail the creation of troll farms, fake accounts, and the proliferation of disinformation in the short term.

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