3 predictions for Amazon’s retail business

Following the heels of Amazon’s biggest Prime Day ever, our Remaining Retail podcast team discussed what’s next for the retail giant.

1. Amazon buys Tonal

Connected fitness players have slowed following massive pandemic growth. But our analyst Andrew Lipsman remains bullish on the space long term, especially Tonal. Although it just cut 35% of its workforce, he believes it could be a move to shore up the books before an acquisition—by Amazon. The retail giant has already invested in the company, and Lipsman believes the courtship is about to become more serious.

2. Prime Day turns seasonal

There are rumblings of a fall deal event for Amazon, which Lipsman believes could be a precursor to seasonal Prime Day events in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. The company needs more Prime Day-type events as commerce slows and these events also drive advertising adoption long term. Plus, the company can pull it off now having further refined its logistics capacity.

3. Prime day pushes to in-store and grocery

Household essentials were popular at this year’s Prime Day event, and Amazon is leaning in. Lipsman, whose Chicagoland location is close to many Amazon Fresh stores, received dozens of mailers ahead of Prime Day offering in-store discounts on grocery and CPG. He predicts this was just a taste: “This is the first step in Amazon really starting to link Prime Day to the in-store opportunity. That’s going to ramp up a lot. This is the first big foray into grocery and CPG as a centerpiece of Prime Day,” he said.

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