Adobe partners with healthcare giants to enhance consumer healthcare experiences

The news: Adobe is offering its Adobe Experience Cloud to a variety of healthcare players—including Walgreens, Pfizer, Mercy Health, and Change Healthcare—to boost customer experience.

  • For example, hospital system Mercy Health is using Adobe’s tech to provide a retail-like healthcare experience—the Adobe Experience platform delivers up-to-date web content to patients, making it easier to access Mercy's website.

The big takeaway: Large companies are moving in on the healthcare space to transform consumer engagement—which is long overdue since healthcare lags behind industries like retail and banking when it comes to customer experience.

  • Nontraditional players like Mastercard and Bank of America are bringing their consumer engagement strategies to healthcare. For example, last month Mastercard teamed up with health engagement firm b.well Connected Health to launch a mobile-based digital ID solution to let patients easily verify their identity during healthcare visits, eliminating the need for unnecessary paperwork.
  • Consumers want their healthcare journeys to mirror their retail experiences, so hospitals slow on digitization are turning to players like Adobe to boost patient satisfaction. About 49% of consumers wish their digital healthcare experience was smoother and more intuitive—like experiences with Amazon or Netflix—which makes sense considering many hospitals lack streamlined digital portals for experiences like billing, communication, or virtual check-ins.