Advertising industry seizes on opportunity to reform video ad measurement solutions

The trend: Networks, ad agencies, third-party vendors, and others are making investments and testing strategies in an effort to resolve the current chaos around advertising measurement, especially in the video space.

More on this: As concerns heighten over audience fragmentation and the demise of third-party identifiers, developing an accurate and effective measurement system (or systems) is a complicated undertaking that will take time.

  • Advertisers today use a hodgepodge of viewership info, data from large publishers, and other methods to assess ad reach, frequency, and effectiveness.
  • There’s a lot riding on fine-tuning ad measurement. US advertisers will spend $345.99 billion on media this year, per our forecast.

It’s critical to address the issue, and given the low percentage of advertisers satisfied with current measurement solutions across media categories, there’s massive room for improvement.

An evolving landscape: The industry is moving toward cross-screen, cross-platform solutions that overcome challenges with data quality, compatibility, and accessibility.

Why this matters: Our recently published report on ad measurement opportunities and challenges notes that “without a common system of measure that connects the dots across mass and one-to-one advertising in online and offline ecosystems, effectively allocating video budgets to align with evolving consumer behavior will be difficult.”

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