Amid ad decline, TikTok introduces new Audience Insights to provide marketers better ad targeting

It’s a difficult time for ad spend: The US just hit the fifth month in a row of declines. As marketers cut back on ad budgets, platforms like TikTok are feeling the pinch. Earlier this month, the company said it was reducing its global revenues goal by $2 billion. 

Better audience targeting with the launch of Audience Insights could help protect the social media platform. 

TikTok says its new filters and capabilities help brands find user interests, aggregate audience information, and bring audience personas to life. 

Filters include:

  • Age demographics (18–24, 25–34, 35–44, 45–54, and 55+)
  • Gender 
  • Language 
  • Device type and device price (the latter is based on estimates) 
  • Interests and Behaviors 

The Interests and Behaviors filter provides additional targeting capabilities to look at:

  • Ad interest categories (like apparel and accessories, apps, and baby, beauty, and personal care)
  • Video interactions (to find out if your audience has watched, liked, commented on, or shared video on specific categories like entertainment or auto and vehicles)
  • Creator interactions (to find out if your audience follows different creator categories)
  • Hashtag interactions (to get the top 10 your audience is interested in or select from a dropdown list to see which tags your audience engages with)

This info can be used to validate current audiences or find new ones, as well as help marketers plan content that will resonate, TikTok says. 

Audience Insights is available globally within the TikTok Ads Manager. 

We predict TikTok will bring in nearly $10 billion in ad revenues worldwide in 2022. We forecast that will increase to $14.15 billion next year. 


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