Analyst Take: Digital video usage gains ground in France and Germany

As the pandemic-driven surge in time spent with media tapers off in France and Germany, mobile and digital video are still making gains. Here’s what our latest forecast reveals.

France and Germany are on different paths with regard to total media usage. In France, time spent is falling. Adults will spend 623 minutes (almost 10.5 hours) per day with media this year, and that figure is projected to slip to just above 2019 levels in 2024 (612 minutes per day).

By contrast, Germany will post steady growth throughout the forecast period and overtake France in total time spent with media for the first time this year (629 minutes per day).

Traditional media’s dominance is weakening. In both countries, time spent with traditional media including TV, newspapers, and radio will be higher than time with digital media, but that trend is slowly changing.

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