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This sponsored article was contributed by Wunderkind.

The average US consumer checks their mobile device up to 200 times per day for incoming messages, Forrester research shows. This staggering statistic doesn’t just apply to personal communication. In fact, text message marketing is now one of the fastest-growing—and most successful—revenue channels for brands. On average, consumers engage with 95% of text marketing messages within three minutes of receiving them, according to SMS Comparison research.

For the best results, marketers need to be strategic not to overwhelm customers with too many messages or content that feels impersonal, or they risk losing subscribers.

To make the most of your company’s text marketing campaigns—including directly driving revenue—consider these best practices from performance marketing firm Wunderkind:

Set the strategy

Start by adding a text message signup to your website. Most conversions occur within the first three hours of receiving a text, and the most engaging messages are short and focused, so it is crucial to make them personal.

One of the best times to engage your mobile subscribers is immediately after they sign up. Consider a welcome text to thank them with an exclusive mobile offer. Wunderkind client Nest Fragrances, for example, offers 15% off to encourage new subscribers to return to the site. This has helped the brand drive 11% of digital revenue from Wunderkind texts and emails.

Focus on meaningful engagement

Many brands underutilize texting as a marketing channel, so make sure to go beyond the first welcome text by seizing the opportunity to engage and learn more about your customer.

Custom auto-reply texts create interactive experiences by prompting subscribers to respond with the keyword that reflects their desired product, experience, or program. The right partner can then help you personalize a message based on the customer’s response.

Abandonment texts are also integral but should be used in three specific instances:

  • Sending a link to bring shoppers back to your site
  • To display an image of the product to remind customers of their previous interests
  • To reduce cart abandonment

Automated catalog texts are powerful messages that enable retailers to update customers in real-time. If prices drop, all interested shoppers receive an alert. If a shopper browses an out-of-stock product, you can alert them the moment it becomes available. When you’re running low on items, you can make sure your engaged shoppers don’t miss out.

Break through the noise with impactful timing

Shoppers are always interested in what they haven’t seen before, so use texts ahead of and around product launches to reconnect with loyal customers and those who haven’t made a purchase.

The most successful brands utilizing text campaigns double down to break through the noise. This means not just repurposing email strategy for texts, but using imagery, urgency, and concise copy to inspire customers to act.

While no marketing channel should operate in a silo, text messaging is unrivaled in its ability to create and maintain meaningful engagement with your customers. To learn more tips and see brands that are doing it right, visit Wunderkind’s complete Text Message Marketing Playbook.