Authenticity, attention-grabbing creative are the keys to winning ads on Reddit

As users and advertisers jump ship from Twitter amid Elon Musk’s takeover, there’s no shortage of platforms for them to land on.

Reddit hopes it can be one such place, and it recently shared best practices to help brands advertise on the platform.

Make the most of your messaging: Redditors like to read, so don’t be afraid to treat headlines as a branding opportunity.

  • Three-quarters of the platform’s top-performing campaigns explicitly call out product benefits and differentiators (versus 54% of bottom-performing campaigns doing so).
  • Having a clear and immediate value proposition cuts cost per action in half.

The right tone: Talk to Redditors like you would speak to a well-informed friend.

  • The top-performing ad campaigns at driving purchase intent are nearly two times more likely to contain a headline with a conversational tone.
  • According to Reddit, users trust each other and the platform 1.8 times more than other social media platforms, so don’t forget to be authentic.

Package it: Utilize video and image together to maximize impact.

  • The platform found that campaigns that combine both video and images achieve 10 times higher lifts in memorability, 14 times higher lifts in messaging recall, and a three times higher lift in brand favorability.
  • But don’t put all your eggs in one basket; test and adjust for the best-performing campaigns.

The golden rule: Adopt the three-second rule.

  • 80% of top-performing video campaigns reveal the brand or logo within the first three seconds.
  • 88% of users who watch a video on Reddit will watch for the first six seconds, but by the end of a 30-second video, you’ve lost more than 50% of your audience.

Ask for help: Reddit has a suite of tools to help advertisers make the most of the platform.

  • Reddit’s Conversation Placement places ads within a conversation thread, under the original post and above the first comment. When looking at clickthrough rate by placement type, Conversation Placement ads performed at virtually the same rate as ads in the feed, according to Reddit. They also outperform many third-party benchmarks.
  • KarmaLab is Reddit’s in-house creative strategy team that helps adapt ads to the platform. Advertisers that had KarmaLab’s help with adapting ads saw a 31% lift in clickthrough rate and a 9.5% lift in video completion rate.

Why Reddit: Though it only makes up 0.5% of total social network ad revenues, advertisers shouldn’t count the platform out. We forecast Reddit’s ad revenues to total $360 million in 2022, a 16.6% increase from last year, which may grow as the platform continues to build out its ad business.

Then in September, Reddit announced it was acquiring Spiketrap, an AI-powered technology firm that it says will help improve ad relevance and performance.

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