Brands are only a text away from the Gen Z consumer

The trend: Gen Z and millennial consumers prefer text messaging over email to engage with brands for quick questions, confirmations, and real-time payments, per a Mitto study in May 2022.

  • Texting remains an effective tool. One in three consumers checks text notifications within one minute of receipt, per a 2022 survey of business owners, consumers, and digital marketers from SimpleTexting.
  • That survey found that younger age groups move more quickly than their older counterparts to check texts, with 44% of Gen Z consumers looking at notifications within a minute of getting a text.

Digital habits: Younger consumers are more active with digital tools that allow marketers to test innovations to the shopping experience, such as personalized promotions and virtual try-on.

  • Gen Z and millenials use quick payment tools such as Buy Now, Pay Later at higher rates than other consumer groups.
  • The Gen Z consumer is the most active in purchasing virtual apparel from fashion brands, per a CivicScience study.
  • Over four-fifths (85%) of Gen Z consumers engaged with a contact center using a virtual agent or automated phone, versus 58% for baby boomers, per a Talkdesk survey in October 2021.

The big takeaway: Brands need to diversity communication channels to reach younger audiences and provide frictionless shopping experiences.

  • Given younger generations’ propensity for faster interactions, marketers looking to build relationships with Gen Z and millennial audiences would be wise to invest in SMS communications.