How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Marketers' Dynamic Creative Optimization Efforts

Executing more sophisticated ad campaigns

An interview with:
Prajwal Barthur
Director of Products, Advertising Platforms

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) uses multiple data feeds to create a personalized ad experience. To get the most out of those feeds, marketers can employ artificial intelligence (AI) to automate multiple facets of DCO. Prajwal Barthur, InMobi's director of products for advertising platforms, talked to eMarketer's Nicole Perrin about how marketers can take advantage of AI as they rely more on DCO for more personalized ad campaigns.


What are some recent trends in the way advertisers are using AI in DCO?

Prajwal Barthur:

Advertisers are moving a lot of things that are rule-based or manually optimized into DCO with AI. When a new data feed comes in, it’s important for the platform to be able to use it, so the industry is trying to use AI-related algorithms to pick up the right data feeds for users.

For example, in any DCO platform, there might be eight variants of a creative, with a bunch of targeting capabilities that can give you up to 200 different creatives that a user can see. With AI, we can actually start personalizing creative as, and when, a new data feed comes into the picture.

The trend we are currently seeing among marketers is adding a new, different dimension into the creative, exploding the number of variants and managing that variant explosion through artificial intelligence.

Interview conducted on October 8, 2018

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