Consumers look to retailers’ mobile apps to enable seamless omnichannel experiences

The stat: Four of the five retail mobile app features that consumers value the most are those that connect the physical and digital shopping experience.

  • Consumers expect fast, easy, and frictionless omnichannel interactions with retailers.
  • Retail apps can be this conduit, allowing consumers to navigate fluidly between online and offline touchpoints within the same customer journey.

How we got here: The pandemic reshaped consumers’ omnichannel expectations, which are now often mediated by a retailer’s mobile app.

  • According to McKinsey research, 70% of consumers who began using in-store self-checkout in the past two years intend to keep using it post-pandemic.
  • Yet, while the pandemic spurred many consumers to adopt retail app technology more quickly, many features are gimmicky or glitchy and cause more friction than convenience.

What this means for retailers: Retail mobile apps featuring specific functionalities can be the means to a superior customer experience, especially those that allow customers to plan their journeys as well as foster speed and convenience.

  • Important capabilities include in-app notifications for when items are ready for pickup, scanning and saving gift cards into the user’s profile, and store stock availability.
  • Features that enhance the in-store shopping experience—like product availability and location at a preferred store and price check—are particularly valuable.
  • Overall, app capabilities must help consumers save time and money and make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible on the small screen.

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