Coupons Are Top of Mind for Digital Shoppers

Consumers really like a good deal. In fact, there are very few who don't think discounts or coupons are important.

According to "The eMarketer Ecommerce Insights Report," conducted by Bizrate Insights, just 6.5% of the 1,108 US internet users surveyed said coupons and discounts are not important to their digital purchase decisions. 

By contrast, 93.6% of respondents said these things were at least "somewhat important." And 44.9% called them "very important." Regardless of age, consumers felt strongly about the use of coupons, though millennials—unsurprisingly—felt more so. 

A separate study conducted in November 2017 by CouponFollow found that more than eight in 10 millennials use coupon codes when shopping online. What's more, roughly a third said they do so frequently. 

CouponFollow's findings mirror other surveys, including one from YouGov, which found that this demographic is serious about maximizing the value of a dollar