Customer Experience 2019 (Part 4)—Messaging Frequency

The Building Blocks of a Better Customer Experience (A 4-Part Series)

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Marketers still cannot identify and track users across ever channel, platform and device—which means they also cannot truly measure and manage the frequency of marketing messages. This report explores this ongoing issue in greater detail.
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Executive Summary

Marketers still face a host of problems executing and analyzing cross-channel marketing campaigns, most of which boil down to the continued difficulty in integrating data and actions across all the media, devices and buying platforms involved. One of those problems is the challenge of measuring and managing messaging frequency.

Why does messaging frequency matter?

Consumers are bombarded with messages throughout their day, including ads. They probably aren’t going to notice an ad the first time they see it—but after they’ve seen it a thousand times, chances are they’ll be sick of it. The sweet spot for marketers lies somewhere in between as they work to build brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent and loyalty.

What problems do marketers encounter in measuring and managing frequency of ads and marketing messages?

Simply put, executing an ad campaign across multiple buying platforms is still not seamless, and finding and identifying users across those platforms can be hit and miss. Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and Sign In with Apple, along with similar privacy-protecting moves by other industry players, aren’t helping. And without being able to match users across platforms, frequency measurement and capping are effectively impossible.

What are marketers doing to mitigate the frequency problem?

Some marketers aren’t doing much—especially when it comes to iOS users, whom Apple has made it difficult to track over the past year. And there are different schools of thought on how important that is; some marketers aren’t worried campaign effectiveness will be compromised. Others are turning toward walled gardens for more seamless cross-device execution, possibly at the expense of reach. And many are simply doing the best they can with the limited data, resources and controls at their fingertips.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report explores the difficulties of measuring and managing frequency across channels—including advertising and marketing touchpoints—and what marketers are doing to address them.

This report is the fourth in a four-part series that will address the customer experience by exploring each of the major building blocks required for an exceptional customer experience: audience segmentation, personalization, loyalty marketing and frequency management. By dissecting the customer experience into understanding who customers are, how to best speak to them, how often to speak with them, and how to continue to grow the relationship post-acquisition, our belief is that marketers can better approach this broader subject with more expertise and accuracy.

KEY STAT: Almost half of US marketers still say the inability to track reach and frequency is one of their biggest problems with cross-platform ad measurement, according to Origami Logic and Advertiser Perceptions.

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  2. The Frequency Problem
  3. How Marketers Are Responding
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Interviewed for This Report

Leah Anathan
Interviewed April 1, 2019
Sarah Assous
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Interviewed June 6, 2019
Nicolas Avila
Vice President of Technology
Interviewed May 3, 2019
Brad Birnbaum
Founder, CEO
Interviewed April 25, 2019
Emily Blair
The Goodway Group
Vice President, Strategy
Interviewed April 25, 2019
Olivier Blayac
Color & Co
General Manager
Interviewed May 23, 2019
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Executive Director of Vertical Marketing
Interviewed June 7, 2019
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Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
CEO, Managing Director
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Director, Product Marketing
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Vice President of Product Strategy
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Carolyn Corda
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Senior Product Marketing Manager
Interviewed April 23, 2019
Craig Elbert
Co-Founder, CEO
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Mack Weldon
Vice President, Performance Marketing
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Fluent Dialog
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Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud DSP
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Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights and Analysis
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Civis Analytics
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DEG Digital
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McKinsey & Co.
Interviewed May 17, 2019
Jay Tandan
Ben & Jerry's
US Digital Marketing Manager
Interviewed April 22, 2019
Andy Zimmerman
Interviewed May 9, 2019

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