Data Feed: March 21, 2018

Key stats you need to know about today

Fun Activity? New data from YouGov reveals that many US millennials enjoy filing their taxes. Indeed, more than half (52%) said they enjoy it at least somewhat. What's more, this group is also eager to file their taxes early. "Millennials are more likely than older Americans to file in January, while those 55 and over are more likely to file in March or April," the report stated. 

Personalized Content: A Dynamic Yield survey of more than 550 consumers in North America, Europe and Asia that looked at the current state of personalized email found that just a quarter of respondents in North America feel that the email content they receive is personalized. By comparison, 62% of respondents in Europe and three in four respondents in Asia felt the same way.

Brand Safety: MediaVillage ran linear regression analyses for 53 media companies to examine which factors are likely to influence ad spend at their organizations. It found that brand-safe environments are only 4% likely to strongly influence the intention to spend.