Spotlight: Black Consumers 2022

Authentic Connection Is Key to Reaching This $1.6 Trillion US Market

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Nearly 1 in 5 Black consumers in the US view brands as generally disingenuous for holding Black History Month promotions, recent research shows. A partnership with Black consumers should start with a deep understanding and appreciation of the elements that make them, as individuals and as a group, unique.
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Executive Summary

Brands trying to appeal to Black consumers have ramped up their efforts in recent years to capitalize on the momentum of the racial justice movement—with mixed results. Commercial success and social impact intersect only when companies understand Black consumers’ diverse needs and provide products and services that address real pain points in their daily lives.

Key Question: How can companies approach Black consumers in a way that grows revenues and goes beyond perceived tokenism and short-term engagement?

KEY STAT: Promotional efforts targeting Black consumers don’t always succeed. Black internet users in the US are overwhelmingly cynical of large corporations’ motives when it comes to Black History Month promotions. Nearly 1 in 3 also doubt the intentions of social media-run businesses that launch these campaigns.

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