More than one-third of Disney+ viewers are under 25 years old

For the first time, we broke out Disney+ and Netflix viewers by age. It’s widely understood Disney programs are usually aimed at youth. Our forecasts give some clarity on how much Disney+ skews toward young people compared with other streaming services.

Among all Disney+ viewers, 38.5% are younger than 25. By comparison, just 28.5% of all CTV users are under 25 years old.

Disney isn’t the only popular streaming service to skew toward young people. Just under one-third of YouTube’s total viewers are under 25 years old. Netflix has a similar makeup: Viewers under 25 account for 31.8% of all Netflix viewers.

These figures show viewers of Disney+, YouTube, and Netflix are more likely to be young when compared with other CTV viewers. But out of these three, Disney+ leans most heavily into young audiences.