DoorDash continues steady growth through 2021

The forecast: DoorDash’s restaurant sales will grow nearly 50% this year to $28.56 billion, up from $19.90 billion in 2020, and account for half of US restaurant intermediary sales by 2022.

A deeper dive:

  • DoorDash tripled its sales in 2020, bringing in almost as much as the entire restaurant delivery intermediary market made in 2019.
  • DoorDash became an industry giant by working with restaurants that haven't traditionally offered delivery. In comparison, competitors like Grubhub historically only worked with restaurants that provided their own delivery. The company has also focused on suburbs and smaller urban areas. These decisions positioned DoorDash for success in 2020, as indoor dining was limited or stopped in many areas.
  • The company also offers convenience, alcohol, and grocery deliveries. It's selling itself to investors as a delivery company, rather than just a food delivery company, in a push for long-term success beyond the restaurant delivery intermediary industry.

Looking ahead: While DoorDash's monster growth is expected to slow, the company will make up 50.3% of US restaurant delivery intermediary sales by 2023, totaling $36.86 billion in sales.