A Dynamic Digital Strategy Is Key to a Successful Phone Launch | Sponsored Content

This article was contributed and sponsored by Google.

Investing in a new normal is a careful balancing act, though some consumers are spending more as they settle into a new at-home normal. More than 1 in 4 consumers globally say they have purchased new, more, or better goods and services since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. With smartphones serving as our connection to loved ones, helping us shop for necessities and enabling flexible work environments, these devices are adding more value and ease to our lives than ever before. Read on for three winning strategies for a successful smartphone launch:

No. 1: Show up across the consumer journey to reach current and new consumers who are looking to upgrade their device. Interest in all phones goes up ahead of a device launch, so all brands have a right to play during this time as consumers weigh in with their options. In order to maximize this halo effect, we recommend leveraging a holistic approach across video, search and display formats:

Source: Google Trends

  • Lean into the power of YouTube. When looking for specific information about a brand, product or service, shoppers are four times as likely to use YouTube than other platforms. Create a comprehensive video plan to drive conversions with Google’s Trueview for action, increase brand consideration with Maximize Lift and reach potential new consumers with TrueView for reach.
  • Use Google Search to capture interest. Offer compelling category, product and brand information to address smartphone features.
  • Expand reach across properties with visually appealing Discovery Ads. Reach 3 billion people monthly across on YouTube, Discover and Gmail with this rich ad unit.

No. 2: Address consumers’ needs in real-time. The three major wireless companies experienced an all-time low churn rate in Q2 2020. A seasonal uptick is expected in Q3, bringing more people to market who are interested in upgrading their phones and finding the best service provider. In combination with the expected 5G launch by all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we'll have the perfect formula for a wireless busy season.

  • Address consumer questions with useful and relevant content in search and on your website.
  • Optimize your website speed using tools like Test My Site and PageSpeed Insights to ensure shoppers are able to navigate seamlessly.
  • Leverage Smart Bidding for store visits to remain agile and adaptable to consumer needs should they want to go in-store, while not losing sight of business goals.

No. 3: Adapt to new consumer expectations by offering seamless, flexible transactions and pickup options. With 50% of US consumers reportedly buying a majority of their items online, and Tracline reporting two-times the year-over-year digital phone sales penetration for Q2 2020, digital is key to closing the sale.

  • Inspire sales with Google Shopping ads. Leverage Shopping ads to share product image and details for seamless online purchasing and delivery to customer’s homes. Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns with automated bidding and ad placement have yielded more than a 30% increase in conversion value on average.
  • Enable local inventory ads and promote curbside pickup for contactless transactions to help close a sale.

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—Scott Falzone, managing director of telecom, Google