The Era of Uncertainty: US Incumbent Banks

Finding Opportunities in a Tough Environment

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A looming recession and global turmoil threaten US incumbent banks’ bottom lines. But refocusing on core tech priorities and consumer needs will help banks reclaim the high ground in the fight for customers and talent.
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Executive Summary

Inflation, rising energy costs, and supply chain slowdowns have soured the economic outlook for US consumers and businesses. But prioritizing customer needs and maintaining a long-term perspective on technology investments will enable incumbent banks to weather the storm.

Key Question: How should banks adjust their strategies amid uncertain economic conditions?

KEY STAT: About one-third of adults worldwide said they look to their bank when seeking financial education, per a July 2021 EPAM survey. We expect consumers will have more questions than ever as a recession approaches, so banks should ensure they have the technological and operational resources to assist their customers.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Banks See Openings amid Economic Trouble
  3. Short-Term Changes
  1. Long-Term Changes
  2. What Should Banks Do?
  3. Read Next
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