Facebook drags down time spent with social media

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Among US social network users, those ages 18 and older will spend an average of 1 hour, 40 minutes per day on those platforms in 2022, the same amount as last year. This figure is peaking after pandemic restrictions fueled a rapid rise in social media use over the past two years, and it will decline by 2 minutes next year.

Beyond the chart: Almost all of the social apps we forecast will take up more of their users’ time, but Facebook will see steep drops. Its adult users will spend 30 minutes per day on the platform this year, 7.0% less than 2021, dragging down time spent with social media overall. The slump of the Meta-owned app represents an acceleration of a broader trend in US time spent with media, which jumped to 13 hours, 24 minutes per day in 2020 but will tick down to 13 hours, 3 minutes daily by the end of 2024.