Food and beverage ecommerce to deliver healthy growth for years to come

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US food and beverage ecommerce sales will approach $80 billion in 2022, up 20.7% from nearly $65 billion last year. While the growth is impressive, it’s far slower than the 99.0% surge the category saw in 2020, when wary consumers pivoted to buying online at the onset of the pandemic.

Beyond the chart: Even as US shoppers venture back into stores, digital sales of food and beverage items will make up 7.6% of the roughly $1 trillion US ecommerce market in 2022. Their double-digit growth will continue for years to come, driven by major grocery players and their investments in delivery infrastructure, and by the rise of third-party providers and restaurant delivery services in this space. These companies are transforming what was once a $30 billion online industry in 2019 into a nearly $150 billion one come 2026.