The Future of Meta

Our Two-Year Outlook for the Company Formerly Known as Facebook

About This Report
One year after the company’s name change, Meta’s business is in disarray. We explore the reasons for the downturn, our two-year outlook, and how companies that rely on Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta platforms should adjust their strategies.
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Executive Summary

Meta in October 2022 is a far cry from Facebook one year ago. Ad growth is stalling amid a weakening economy and stiff competition, and a hiring freeze is underway. Meanwhile, Meta’s vision of the metaverse is far from becoming a reality.


  1. Is Meta’s dominance waning?
  2. What is the two-year outlook for advertising, social commerce, influencer marketing, virtual reality, and other areas of Meta’s business?
  3. How should businesses adjust their strategies for working with Meta?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Our two-year outlook for 14 of Meta’s business areas, including advertising, creators, social commerce, payments, virtual currency, and the metaverse. Also, strategic advice for companies that rely on Meta’s social media and virtual reality platforms.

KEY STAT: Meta's 2022 ad revenues worldwide will be $16 billion lower than what we had forecast just seven months ago.

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Debra Aho Williamson, Grace Broadbent, Jasmine Enberg, Jessica Lis, Max Willens, Jaime Toplin, Yoram Wurmser


Zach Goldner
Junior Forecasting Analyst
Jennifer Pearson
VP, Research
Lisa Phillips
Principal Analyst, Digital Health
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