To keep growing, TikTok must appeal to all ages

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TikTok use is being driven by younger adults: Almost half of the app's US users will be between 18 and 34 this year, a figure that decreases as the user segment gets younger and older. For instance, just 1.8% of TikTok's users will be 65 and older in 2022.

Beyond the chart: The oldest and youngest age groups will see the most growth over the next few years since that's where TikTok has the most room to grow. Users ages 65 and up will increase by 13.4% this year, and users ages 0 to 11 will increase by 12.9%. More than half of all people in the US ages 12 to 34 are already on the app, so for TikTok to continue growing, it must appeal to users beyond that range.