Happify Health’s rebrand signals there are too many health apps out there

The news: Happify Health rebranded as Twill to offer consumers a more connected care experience, per a press release shared with Insider Intelligence.

A sign of evolution: The rebrand marks a transition from a wellness app to a clinical-grade solution for pharma companies, health plans, and employers.

Twill will offer “Sequences,” platforms that combine peer-to-peer communities, virtual care coaching, and existing care services from pharma/employers/insurers on one platform.

  • By the end of 2022, Happify Health should have “Sequences” developed for mental health, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy, and psoriasis.
  • For example, Twill’s existing insurer partner Elevance Health (formerly Anthem) will gain access to Twill’s Sequence that provides virtual support for women throughout pregnancy, and could extend to post-partum care and menopause.

The problem: Employers and insurers are overburdened with wellness apps.

Over 350,000 digital health wellness apps were available to consumers last year. However, many lack clinical evidence that their solutions work—or lack easy integration with other digital health solutions. That makes it difficult to appeal to payers or employers that want precision and proof of ROI before offering a digital health app to their customers.

We likely saw an uptick of digital health mega-mergers last year to decrease the number of point solutions on the market.

  • For example, telehealth company Amwell and mental health digital therapeutic (DTx) company SilverCloud’s merger made care more personalized for the duo’s customers.
  • “Amwell has the telemedicine, they've got the teletherapy, but they didn't have the coaching and they didn't have the digital therapy; Silvercloud has that. So, you merge them together, now they can provide precision care,” Chris Wasden, head of DTx at Twill, told Insider Intelligence.