How AI Can Empower Ad Personalization

Marketers are hoping that artificial intelligence (AI) can help facilitate more effective ad personalization, according to a recent study.

Asked about tactics they thought would be helpful but weren’t implemented, about a third of marketers pointed to several techniques related to creative personalization, including real-time ad assembly, multivariate testing and dynamic creative optimization.

This data comes from an October 2018 survey of 109 US marketing strategy decision-makers by RevJet and Forrester Consulting.

AI is often used to execute personalization tactics such as dynamic creative optimization. Two in five marketers surveyed in May 2018 by Econsultancy and MediaMath said they used AI to power their dynamic creative.

These and other trends are explored in eMarketer’s latest report, “Dynamic Creative and Digital Storytelling: Mastery of Data Management Allows Campaigns to Get More Sophisticate.” The report highlights the current state of dynamic creative in digital campaigns and how advertisers are using this technology to execute campaigns. The report also covers dynamic creative optimization's challenges and how marketers use it to better engage consumers.