How do global retail giants stack up on their home courts?

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Alibaba’s retail ecommerce sales in China were nearly twice that of Amazon’s worldwide in 2022, at $1.229 trillion compared with about $657 billion, per our estimates. Latin American competitor Mercado Libre had significantly less ecommerce sales, at nearly $35 billion.

Beyond the chart: The differences can be attributed to marketplace size. We estimate that China accounts for 50% of global ecommerce sales, while the US, Amazon’s biggest market, makes up about 18%, and Latin America, less than 3%.

Alibaba’s share of its key market is also the highest, capturing 42.7% of ecommerce sales within China last year. Amazon made up 38.2% of US ecommerce sales. But Mercado Libre’s share was far lower, at 20.9% of Latin America’s ecommerce sales.

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Methodology: Data for retail ecommerce sales for Alibaba and in Mexico and Mercado Libre's retail ecommerce sales in Mexico figures are both from Insider Intelligence's June 2022 forecast. Data from Amazon is from Insider Intelligence's November 2022 forecast. These estimates are based on the analysis of survey and traffic data from other research firms, historical consumer adoption trends, company releases and demographic adoption trends.