How Dollar Shave Club Approaches Podcasting

The podcast ad market is taking off as people increasingly tune in. But large brand advertisers still want better measurement and analytics before they really buy in.

A lack of robust analytics makes it difficult to measure podcasts' ad performance. In an August 2018 survey by Altimeter of 400 digital marketers worldwide, just 29% of respondents said that audio content, such as podcasts, was one of their best performing mediums.

On a brighter note, podcast ads have a few advantages over their terrestrial radio counterparts. Podcasts reach a sizeable (and targetable) audience of young people.

Katie Jokipii, senior manager of acquisition and mass media at Dollar Shave Club, spoke with eMarketer about the promises and limitations of podcast advertising.

What do you focus on when planning podcast campaigns?

We’re more selective around our podcasts and making sure our brand voice is in the right tone.

How do you utilize your agency for podcasting?

They are responsible for all of our audio buying so we’re really leaning on their expertise in understanding the marketplace and how the landscape changes year after year. They’re the ones that plan and buy. We’re helping inform that by briefing them on what our goals and objectives are.

Where is podcast measurement most lacking?

The attribution space isn’t where it should be. It’s not as advanced as other channels within our marking mix. We’re trying to work with publishers and our agency to push the needle there.

Have you noticed programmatic become a bigger part of how podcast inventory is bought and sold?

It’s starting to get there. It’s not something that we have necessarily done yet, but I know that capability is there.