How the leading ad-supported streamers compare

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Among major streaming video platforms, Peacock is the one where US subscribers are most likely to have the ad-supported version. Just 20% of Peacock subscribers shell out for the ad-free tier. On the other end of the spectrum, the historically ad-averse HBO Max is still ad-free for most of its US subscribers, with 67% paying for this premium.

Beyond the chart: Both Disney+ and Netflix will soon join the ranks of streaming services that offer a cheaper, ad-supported tier, in the hopes of adding subscribers and increasing revenues.

Netflix has the larger pool of monthly viewers in the US—177.7 million this year, per our estimates—meaning the potential for ad revenues could be great. By comparison, Disney+ will boast 109.8 million US monthly viewers in 2022. While Peacock has the greatest share of ad-supported subscribers, it will have only 64.3 million monthly viewers—and likely less ad revenues than these advertising newcomers.