How Many Gen Xers Use Wearables?

What Does Growth Look Like?

Gen Xers’ wearable usage is rising, albeit slower than it has in past years. By the end of 2018, 15.4 million Gen Xers will have used a wearable device at least once per month, up from 14.0 million in 2017.

We forecast year-over-year growth will mostly remain steady, reaching 16.9 million Gen Xers by 2021. However, growth will remain level in 2022.

This week, we're looking at wearable users. Each day, we'll delve into a different demographic to better understand what usage among the various age groups looks like. Previously, we looked at teens and millennials. Next up: Gen Xers.

What's Driving Growth?

Since Gen Xers have high income and are starting to become more concerned with health and wellness as they age—yet are young enough not to be intimidated by new technology—they’re probably the core audience for some of the more sophisticated smartwatches, hearables and smart clothing.

However, not all Gen Xers are willing to pay the hefty price tag associated with these devices—namely older ones.

"Gen Xers have more income than millennials. But they also have more demands on their money—mortgages, expenses for kids, saving for retirement," said eMarketer senior analyst Mark Dolliver. "Older Gen Xers, especially, would have to see a practical benefit before spending that kind of money."