How Prime Day will deliver for Amazon’s competitors

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Prime Day will once again prove to be a major retail event this year, not just for Amazon but for its competitors as well. Over the two-day period, non-Amazon retailers will rake in $5.22 billion in ecommerce sales in the US, up 17.8% from Prime Day 2021. Meanwhile, Amazon will gross $7.76 billion in digital sales, up 16.7% from last year’s shopping holiday.

Beyond the chart: Amazon’s rivals will see 45.9% more sales during the event than on an average shopping day. These companies attract customers by presenting themselves as an appetizing alternative to Amazon, through either deals of their own or messaging.

Big retailers like Target will likely leverage steep markdowns on overstocked items, such as furniture and consumer electronics. Meanwhile, direct-to-consumer brands can benefit from messaging around supporting small businesses instead of the ecommerce behemoth.