IRI integrates with Meta in bid for incremental shopper marketing dollars

The news: Advertisers using Meta's Facebook and Instagram platforms can now access information on brand- and product-level sales results from their shopper marketing campaigns via IRI’s new Ansa solution, per a press release.

  • IRI created the SaaS platform expressly for shopper marketing. It claims the in-house analytics support campaigns from hundreds of manufacturers and top US retailers at the retailer and SKU level.
  • Based on store-level sales, Ansa automatically targets, improves, and measures campaigns. At the conclusion of their campaigns, shopper marketers using Facebook and Instagram will receive Ansa's automated campaign measurements.

Why it matters: Shopper marketing—when brand marketers and retailers collaborate on promotions to increase in-store sales—has increasingly leaned into social media in recent years.

  • Approximately two-thirds of CPG and retail consumer marketers use Facebook and Instagram to promote sales, per a Meta survey cited by IRI.

Our take: Retailers and brands alike are reevaluating their ad spend amid the prevailing economic uncertainty—and they’re more likely to invest in areas where they have greater visibility into how campaigns are performing. For that reason, CPG marketers are likely to benefit from the Ansa-Meta integration.

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