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Latin America Ecommerce 2019

Mobile to Capture More than One-Third of the Regional Market

Global Ecommerce 2019

Forecasts for seven markets: US, Canada, China, France, Germany, Latin America, UK

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About This Report
This report provides a regional and country-by-country analysis for retail ecommerce and mcommerce sales in Latin America, with breakouts for Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. It also examines emerging trends and key drivers fueling regional market movements.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Retail ecommerce is still in the early stages of consumer adoption, representing 4.2% of Latin America’s retail industry this year. However, as more users come online, we estimate that more than one-third (35.0%) of the region’s population will make a digital purchase in 2019.

How much will consumers in Latin America spend on retail ecommerce in 2019?

We expect retail ecommerce sales in Latin America will grow 21.3% to $71.34 billion, tying the region with the Middle East and Africa as the world’s second-fastest-growing retail ecommerce market.

Where are the largest and fastest-growing retail ecommerce markets?

Brazil is the region’s largest retail market, accounting for more than one-third (34.0%) of all regional retail sales this year, followed by Mexico (28.9%) and Argentina (6.3%). Mexico will be the region’s fastest-growing retail ecommerce market, at 35.9%.

Which channels are driving retail ecommerce growth in Latin America?

Mobile will be the primary driver of retail ecommerce sales in Latin America this year. Latin America has one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets worldwide. Inexpensive smartphone options from China have allowed those from lower socioeconomic levels to purchase them and take part in the digital economy. This increase in the number of smartphones users and improved connection speeds favor the growth of mcommerce adoption.

What emerging trends should retailers in Latin America expect?

Retailers should focus on consumers becoming comfortable with the security of ecommerce transactions, the growing importance of marketplaces, cross-border ecommerce, the increasing number of ecommerce sales originating outside major cities as well as social commerce.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report provides our analysis for retail ecommerce and mcommerce sales in Latin America, with breakouts for Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. It also examines emerging trends and key drivers fueling regional market movements.

KEY STAT: Mobile will be the primary driver of retail ecommerce sales in Latin America in 2019. We estimate the region will be the fastest-growing mcommerce market worldwide.

What’s Inside:

Estimates are included for the following areas:

  • Total retail and ecommerce spending
  • Ecommerce by channel
  • Ecommerce by retailer
  • Digital buyer penetration and demographics

Here’s what’s in the full report


Exportable files for easy reading, analysis and sharing.


Reliable data in simple displays for presentations and quick decision making.

17expert perspectives

Insights from industry and company leaders.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. An Overview of Our Retail and Ecommerce Forecasts
  3. What’s Shaping Latin America’s Retail Ecommerce?
  1. Countries Fueling Market Movements in Latin America
  2. Key Takeaways
  3. eMarketer Interviews
  1. Read Next
  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

Charts in This Report

Interviewed for This Report

Pablo Capurro
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Interviewed May 2, 2019
Omar Galicia
Sales Director, Marketplace
Interviewed May 15, 2019
Moises Gormes
Head of Payments, Latin America
Interviewed May 30, 2019
Marcos Guijarro
Managing Director, Mexico
Interviewed May 10, 2019
Eduardo Herrera
Vice President, Technology and Digital Transformation, Latin America
Interviewed May 14, 2019
Ken Huang
Alibaba Group
Head of Latin America, AliExpress
Interviewed June 11, 2019
Carlos Jiménez
Tendencias Digitales
Interviewed March 19, 2019
George Lever
Cámara de Comercio de Santiago (CCS)
Chief Economist
Interviewed May 29, 2019
Magno Lima
Serviço de Proteção ao Crédito (SPC Brasil)
Head of Innovation and Digital
Interviewed May 9, 2019
Mariela Mociulsky
Founder, Director
Interviewed May 10, 2019
Sebastián Moglia Claps
Shake Again
Managing Director, Partner
Interviewed May 15, 2019
Daniela Orozco
Asociación Mexicana de Venta Online (AMVO)
Research Manager
Interviewed May 15, 2019
Patricia Salaverry
Head of Business Development, Latin America
Interviewed March 14, 2019
Daniel Soto Serdio
Nomine Populi
Interviewed May 24, 2019
Andrea Stairs
General Manager, Canada and Latin America
Interviewed May 16, 2019
Ana Szasz
Head of Ecommerce Business Unit
Interviewed May 7, 2019
Diego Urfeig
Cámara Argentina de Comercio Electrónico (CACE)
Executive Director
Interviewed April 24, 2019


Matteo Ceurvels


Nazmul Islam
Junior Forecasting Analyst
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