Latin American brands see promise in tapping retail media networks

The trend: Brands in Latin America are beginning to wake up to the opportunities retail media advertising presents to help reach target audiences and drive consumer purchases.

Small and medium-sized businesses in the region have generally devoted most of their ad purchases to social media giants Google and Meta, but they are increasingly looking to buy ads through sites primarily engaged in retail commerce, such as those of Amazon and Walmart, according to our recent report.

More on this: Retailers in Latin America are being influenced to delve into media advertising after seeing the success achieved by many of their US counterparts in monetizing their shopping channels.

  • In the US, retailers in virtually every category–grocery, electronics, discounters, drugstores, even home improvement and arts and crafts chains–have launched media networks.
  • With third-party cookies set to vanish next year, retail media networks—which offer access to first-party data—are gaining favor as an effective form of digital advertising.

There are many reasons brands should incorporate retail media into their marketing mix, our report finds.

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