Loyalty Programs Need to Give Consumers a Little More Info

Timely updates can lead to more purchases

Many consumers are into loyalty programs—mostly because they're able to get something out of it, like discounts and special offers. But to get to that point, they would have to accumulate a certain amount of points or rewards, and according to new data, many aren't sure of how much they have accrued at any given moment. 

Indeed, 18% of US internet users surveyed by 3Cinteractive in March 2018 said they don't know how many loyalty points they have for their favorite brand, and another 52% said they weren't sure.  

For many brands that offer loyalty programs, this is a missed opportunity. If a brand did a better job communicating how many points consumers have—through timely updates, for example—roughly four in 10 respondent said they would visit or purchase from that store more often. What's more, some 53% said they would consider doing so. 

But despite having an affinity for loyalty programs, consumers are often frustrated while accessing rewards.

A February 2018 Oracle survey found 72% of internet users worldwide are interested in loyalty programs that don’t use a point system. Instead, promotions or discounts would be automatically applied to a purchase without consumer action.