Relevant Ads on the Upswing

Younger internet users are more likely to feel this way

Many US internet users, particularly younger ones, believe ads have become more relevant over the past two years, data from Adobe Digital Insights reveals.

Nearly half of 18- to 19-year-olds and 57% of those ages 20 to 36 felt this way. Overall, very few young respondents said ads have become less relevant.

Though most demographic groups had similar sentiments, older respondents were more likely to feel the opposite way. For example, while 27% of those ages 53 to 71 said they believe ads have become more relevant, almost as many (21%) said they have become less relevant.

Meanwhile, 16% of those ages 72 and older said ads were less relevant, compared with 10% who felt differently.

But even good content "struggles to cut through the clutter," Adobe found. More than half of respondents felt online ads were easy to ignore. And the use of ad blockers doesn't change their perception.