Marketers' Roundtable: What’s Next for Ad Blocking in the UK?

Is it still a threat to the advertising industry?

Chase Buckle
Senior Trend Analyst
GlobalWebIndex (GWI)
Vicky Foster
Digital Commercial Director
Bauer Media Group
Andrew Mason
Media Operations Director, EMEA
Digitas UK
Gabe Morazan
Senior Product Manager, Digital Governance
Phil Stelter
Managing Director and Chief Media Officer
Justin Taylor
Managing Director, UK
Daniel Wilkinson
Global Head of Paid Media

Though ad blocker user growth is slowing in the UK, publishers’ lost digital ad revenues remain a major concern. The industry is now grappling with the best path forward—especially during a time when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has heightened consumer awareness of privacy and data collection. Here, agency executives, publishers and other industry experts share their views on the real magnitude of ad blocking, whether technology can solve the problem and the effects of GDPR. For more, read eMarketer's September report, "Ad Blocking in the UK 2018 Growth Slows as Behavior Becomes Part of the Mainstream."

Interview conducted on July 30, 2018