Mcommerce Will Account for More than Half of UK Retail Ecommerce Sales this Year

Retail mcommerce sales in the UK will grow to £61.14 billion ($78.03 billion) in 2020, according to our latest estimates. And for the first time, retail mcommerce sales will make up more than half of total UK retail ecommerce sales.

We expect UK retail mcommerce sales to grow throughout the forecasting period and reach £105.28 billion ($134.37 billion) by 2024, when mcommerce will make up 63.0% of total retail ecommerce sales and account for 20.2% of total retail sales.

The lion’s share of UK mcommerce sales comes from smartphones.

This year, smartphones will account for £38.23 billion ($48.80 billion) in UK retail mcommerce sales vs. the £22.45 billion ($28.65 billion) coming from tablets. And we expect the smartphone sales share to continue rising as tablet’s share decreases.

A few factors are contributing to the decline. Consumers aren’t upgrading tablets as often as smartphones; the new features manufacturers highlight each year are not compelling enough to entice consumers to upgrade. Smartphones are also becoming more advanced, and mobile screens are getting larger, making it easier for consumers to shop this way.