Mobile commerce is more important than ever

The trend: Mobile commerce is driving a growing share of retail ecommerce orders.

  • On Thanksgiving weekend, for example, smartphones drove 52% of online sales, up from 48% a year earlier, per Adobe Analytics. That marked the first time mobile’s share topped 50%.

Shifting roles: Consumers aren’t shopping with smartphones and tablets for convenience alone; mobile devices also provide more utility than computers throughout consumers’ shopping journeys.

  • In their homes, consumers use augmented reality tools to see how a piece of furniture may fit in their spaces or to virtually try on makeup.
  • In stores, consumers use their phones to check prices and offers, as well as check product reviews and testimonials.
  • On the go, consumers use mobile apps and websites to research products and make purchases.

We expect retail mcommerce sales to account for 43.4% of total retail ecommerce sales in 2023, up from 41.8% in 2022.

Why it matters: Consumers’ increased use of mobile devices to shop underscores the imperative for retailers and online marketplaces to create well-designed, easy-to-use experiences for both their mobile websites and apps.