More Retailers in Europe Embrace Next-Day Delivery

Those in the UK have made the most progress

More retailers in Europe are offering next-day delivery compared with a year ago. That's based on a recent analysis from RetailX and Internet Retailing of the top 500 retailers in the 31 countries in the European Economic Area (excluding marketplaces, pure transaction and tariffs and B2B and direct-selling brands).

So, how big is the shift?

Well, nearly a quarter of retailers in Europe said they now provide this service. That's up 8 percentage points from 2017. In the UK, 45% of retailers offer next-day delivery, up from 36% in 2017. Both France and the Netherlands saw those figures jump from 6% to 16% over the same time period.

This growth is likely because more consumers expect their items to be shipped the second they purchase a product. In an OMD survey conducted by Research Now SSI last year, 57% of internet users in Europe said quick delivery was an important aspect of a shopping experience.

Similarly, a 2017 study by Temando revealed that digital buyers in the UK are more likely to pay for same-day or hyperlocal deliveries (those made within 1 to 3 hours) than those in Australia or the US.