Multichannel ecommerce sales pick up speed over nonstore retailers

The forecast: After a spike in growth in 2020, multichannel ecommerce sales will continue to grow faster than nonstore ecommerce and take up increasingly larger shares of the total ecommerce market.

  • Insider Intelligence projects US nonstore ecommerce sales will grow by 17.2% to reach $516.11 billion in 2021, taking up 55.3% of total ecommerce sales.
  • The rest of the market will be taken up by US multichannel ecommerce sales, which will grow an estimated 18.8% to reach $417.18 billion in 2021.

Looking ahead: Forecasters expect multichannel sales to make up close to 46% of all ecommerce sales by 2023, up from 40.3% in 2019. That said, nonstore retailers will still dominate over 54% of the market, with sales approaching $687 billion.

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