Nationwide customers can fund new current accounts immediately with new sweep service

The news: UK-based Nationwide Building Society’s new open banking service lets customers sweep money into a new current account from their previous current account provider, per a press release.

More on the service: Open banking provider Moneyhub’s payment initiation service handles this feature. When a customer opens their account, they can connect with their previous current account at another financial institution and immediately sweep the money into the new account at Nationwide.

  • Under the old, pre-open-banking process, it would take several days for the account to be completely active and funded.
  • New customers often forgot to transfer the money to their new accounts, which resulted in 8% of new accounts closing each month due to lack of funding, according to Nationwide.
  • The feature will initially be available for fixed-rate online bonds, but will expand to other savings products in the future.

Nationwide took a minority stake in Moneyhub in November 2018 and the two companies collaborated to develop the payment initiation service.

New account funding: Research for our US Account Opening Benchmark found that funding a new account is top of mind for customers. They’re looking for ease and efficiency in this process.

  • 40% of new account openers said the ability to fund the account via direct deposit is “extremely valuable.”
  • 30% said funding a new account with a payment app is “extremely valuable.”

The lack of US open banking regulations makes the account-switching process difficult, but our research shows that customers crave a digital solution. The clunky existing process often leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Account abandonment: Account abandonment due to frustration is a widespread issue in the bank account opening process.

  • 25% of US financial institutions reported that consumers abandoned digital account applications 50% of the time for deposit products in Q3 2020, according to Cornerstone Advisors.
  • Financial institutions with more than $10 billion in assets reported a 75% abandonment rate in the same period.

The big takeaway: Nationwide’s new feature offers a partial solution to the account abandonment issue that so many banks face, and it also satisfies customers’ desire to quickly and digitally complete the account-opening process.

  • While the feature isn’t a direct deposit or payment app, it allows customers with existing bank accounts to move their funds without having to revisit the application process.
  • It showcases the usefulness and convenience of open banking, which might spur greater adoption of the practice at US and Canadian banks that have been slow to join in.

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