On-Demand, Tech Talk Webinar: Work Smarter. Harness the Promise of Programmatic Media

Presented by Origami Logic

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Did you know long delays and inconsistencies with reporting force in-house teams to spend too much time trying to isolate campaign problems before they generate media waste?

Greater transparency and efficiency have traditionally been the top reasons for bringing programmatic ad buying in-house in the first place. And yet, in a recent survey from Advertiser Perceptions, 3 out of 5 advertisers cite the complexity of optimization as one of their biggest cross-platform measurement pain points—a major barrier to creating efficient media plans.

Watch as eMarketer moderates a Tech-Talk Tuesday presentation with Origami Logic’s expert panel, where you can examine these research findings and discover how Diageo’s in-house programmatic team, is working to find better, faster and simpler ways to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

You'll hear from:

  • Justin Fromm, Vice President of Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions
  • Josh Nafman, Global Media Buying and Operations Director, Diageo
  • April Brown, Vice President of Marketing Analytics Architecture, Origami Logic

Justin Fromm is Vice President of Business Intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions. He works with clients to understand the media and advertising landscape and develop strategies to drive their company's success. Over the past 20 years, Justin has conducted research to guide media and marketing strategies at JWT, ABC, Hulu, and in his own consulting firm, JF Advisory.

Josh Nafman is Global Media Buying and Operations Director at Diageo. Joshua is a digital marketing executive with over 13 years of experience growing disruptive brands in non-traditional ways. Currently, he is responsible for fundamentally challenging and changing how Diageo develops and deploys digital campaigns globally.

April Brown is Vice President of Marketing Analytics Architecture at Origami Logic. She comes to Origami Logic with over twenty years' experience as a marketer, a consultant, and a leader. Working at the intersection of marketing and technology, she has helped some of the world's largest B2C and B2B brands successfully transform into agile, data-driven businesses - not just implementing new technology, but preparing teams for the transition and ensuring they get the insight they need.

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