On smartphones, bigger ads mean more attention

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Mobile ads that cover 80% of the screen receive 6.6 seconds of attention from the average smartphone user. That’s more than double the attention received by ads with 50% screen cover, and about eight times that of ads covering less than 10% of the screen.

Beyond the chart: Older audiences tend to pay more attention. Smartphone users ages 18 to 24 have a mobile ad attention span of just 1.3 seconds, while the average for those 55 and older is 2.1 seconds. To engage younger consumers on these screens, focus on immersive and interactive advertising.

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Methodology: Data is from an August 2022 Yahoo and OMD Worldwide report titled "Attention in Context" conducted by Amplified Intelligence. 4,441 smartphone users ages 18+ in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US took part in an attention measurement study conducted during April 5-26, 2022. Participants used Amplified Intelligence's mobile app to capture facial footage via their smartphone's camera, along with metadata such as ad viewability, scroll patterns, sound use, and device orientation. The overall base of participants viewed 128,000 mobile web ads.