On the Menu: Personalized Messaging

Consumers favor certain businesses, like grocery stores and restaurants, more than others

Consumers get personalized messages from just about anyone—fashion retailers, CPGs, telecommunication providers, you name it. But an April 2018 survey from Periscope By McKinsey found they're most interested in receiving content from grocery stores and restaurants.

"Consumers want to save time in their grocery shopping journeys and they would welcome a reminder that, for example, it’s time to stock up on their household items," said Christian Koestler, head of global marketing and communications for Periscope By McKinsey.

That's not to say consumers wouldn't welcome personalized messages from retailers or CPG brands. In fact, 36% and 34% of US internet users, respectively, said they would. But interestingly, the survey suggests that certain types of businesses "would be better served to reduce the amount of messages they send."

When asked which companies they receive personalized messages from, 28% of US internet users said telecommunication providers. Yet just 13% said they would be interested in receiving personalized messages from those companies. That was also the case for insurance or financial service companies: Some 26% of respondents said they received personalized messages from those companies, but only 10% were interested in them. 

By and large, personalization is still a challenge for many companies, especially retailers. According to a RIS News study conducted last year, improving personalization capabilities is top of mind for nearly all US retailers surveyed. 

And getting it right matters, because a poor personalization experience can turn consumers away