Ride-Hailing In Healthcare: Uber and Lyft are aiming to solve the $150 billion annual problem of US medical transport — here’s why automakers should enter the fray

Executive Summary

Mobility upstarts are partnering with healthcare providers to develop dedicated nonemergency medical transport services as a way of countering costly transit issues that hinder public health.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What is driving the need for new healthcare mobility services?
  • Why should mobility companies enter the space, and how can they benefit?
  • What are the opportunities for transportation companies, and who is at the forefront of the space?

WHAT'S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Business Insider Intelligence discusses the forces that are opening opportunities for transportation companies in healthcare, the value that can be gained from entering the space, and what hurdles they must overcome to be a go-to service provider. We look at interviews with executives at Lyft, Uber, and Ford to unpack their companies' services, identify best practices, and determine what opportunities may lie ahead. 

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Ayoub Aouad

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