Runway is first-to-market with D2C travel telehealth

The news: Runway, a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) travel telehealth provider, offers affordable and easy-to-access telehealth consultations and medication for travelers.

Here’s how it works: Runway connects travelers, travel suppliers, and tourism boards with licensed physicians via chat who prescribe solutions for common travel ailments, such as diarrhea, motion sickness, and altitude sickness.

  • Consultations cost $30 each with no wait times. 
  • Depending on the client’s location, medications typically arrive within 3-5 business days after they've been filled by Runway’s pharmacy.
  • "Launching Runway has been years in the making and a culmination of my background and passion across the tech, pharma, and travel industries," said Runway Founder and CEO, Joshua Rome. “Runway is conquering a key whitespace and streamlining the pre-travel planning process by providing an affordable, simple and modernized solution for receiving prescription medications.”

Why it’s worth watching: Runway is the first to market with a D2C travel-focused telehealth solution combining realtime medical consultation via chat, web-based self-assessments, and prescription delivery services.

  • Americans take over 2.3 billion trips a year. And 43% of travelers experience ailments and need access to healthcare or medical prescriptions, per Yahoo Finance.
  • Runways Health’s platform is available in all 50 states at launch and is designed to replace the expensive and convoluted travel clinics and primary care system for travelers.

What’s the catch? Runway's travel telehealth solution is specifically designed for the most common travel ailments and treatments, which means it may not be suited for broader medical needs. 

Runway’s platform is also preventative. Travelers have to expect what their ailments may be ahead of traveling, which might not be as effective during emergency or unexpected travel health needs. These limitations could spur copycats to offer more comprehensive competing platforms.