The Global 5G Landscape: An inside look at how India, Brazil, and Mexico are initiating the next phase of 5G development

Executive Summary

As 5G takes center stage in the developing world, emerging markets such as India, Brazil, and Mexico have been making a concerted effort to prepare for the transition to the next-generation network. For such markets, a commanding presence in the 5G era—and the resulting leadership in the development of innovative applications and services—is bound to unlock opportunities to extend their global reach and boost their local industry with far-reaching economic and social benefits.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What do emerging markets stand to gain in leading the transition to 5G?
  • How are telecom operators in each region approaching the deployment of 5G?
  • How can operators navigate the unique challenges hindering the deployment of 5G in their market?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence compiles snapshots of three markets—India, Brazil, and Mexico—that highlight each region's various approaches to advancing connectivity. Each snapshot provides an overview of that country's telecoms market and looks at the distinct strategies being used by leading players in the space. We also examine the various factors driving the market's transition to 5G, as well as the roadblocks that are hindering the arrival of the next-generation network. Finally, we offer potential solutions to these roadblocks that would facilitate the country's transition to 5G.

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Rayna Hollander

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