The Mistakes Marketers Make with Web Push Notifications

How to get the opt-in

An interview with:
Keith Sibson
Senior Vice President, Product and Marketing

Web push notifications might seem like the answer to a common challenge—messages can reach consumers without requiring an app install—but marketers are at risk of repeating past mistakes on other channels. Keith Sibson, senior vice president of product and marketing at digital publishing audience development company PostUp, spoke with eMarketer's Rahul Chadha about the key to getting these notifications right. Sibson was interviewed as part of eMarketer's November report "Push Notifications 2018: How to Win Opt-Ins, Develop Metrics and Get the Creative Right."


What should brands know about web push notifications and the user experience?

Keith Sibson:

Web—or browser—push notifications are functionally identical to app notifications. When I talk to brands about them, I often call them "appless notifications." Web push gives brands a way to garner the same reach as app notifications, without requiring the audience to download that app.

From a user experience standpoint, web push notifications are indistinguishable from regular app notifications in most cases.

Interview conducted on October 5, 2018