The Smart Speaker Report: Smart speakers could be the fastest-growing digital platform ever — here's how to engage with customers through the devices

Executive Summary

The smart speaker market has evolved rapidly in the five years since they were launched; continuing momentum will depend on understanding how consumers are—and aren’t—using the devices.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • What's the state of the smart speaker market, in terms of adoption, share, key platforms, and use?
  • What are the ways that consumers are using smart speakers and how can companies capitalize on this data to leverage the platform?
  • What's next for the voice interface and medium?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, Insider Intelligence examines the fast-evolving smart speaker market. First, we provide a glimpse into smart speaker adoption in the US, both overall and by particular demographics. Then, we look at the characteristics of device owners, including how many speakers they own, which types, how often they use them, and what they use them to do. We also break down the top smart speaker use cases and the reasons why they are or aren't resonating with consumers, and advise brands looking to reach their users via this medium how best to do so.

Here’s what’s in the full report


Exportable files for easy reading, analysis and sharing.

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