The UK Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Report 2020: How the largest UK financial institutions rank on offering the mobile banking features customers value most

Executive Summary

Today, mobile banking is the top factor determining bank choice among UK mobile banking users — edging out seven other options including online banking, rates, and fees. But the 10 largest digitally focused banks in the UK varied widely in their support of in-demand mobile banking features.

Three Key Questions This Report Will Answer:

  • How do major UK banks compare with one another when it comes to offering the most in-demand mobile banking features?
  • Which mobile banking features do UK consumers consider to be the most valuable?
  • What can banks do to make their mobile offerings more likely to win them customers?

WHAT'S IN THIS REPORT? In Business Insider Intelligence's second annual UK Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Report, we use survey data to spotlight which mobile banking features channel strategists should focus their attention on. To accomplish this, we fielded a dedicated study on the value of mobile features in May 2020 that reached 1,100 UK adults. Respondents to the survey were mobile banking users selected to closely align with the UK population on the criteria of gender, age, and income. Using this data, we ranked the banks best positioned to attract customers with their mobile offerings. For more information, see the methodology section at the end of this report.

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Eleni Digalaki, Rachel Green, Gregory Magana

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